Preparing For Your Session

You’ve made the appointment… what now?  Here are some tips for preparing yourself for your photo session!

All sessions:

  • Look through our portfolio, noting looks that you like so we can get ideas of the style you’re looking for.

  • Our up-to-date backdrop catalog can be viewed here or in our Facebook albums.

  • We accept all forms of payment: cash, checks, and debit/all major credit cards.

Engagement Sessions:

  • Start to think of which location(s) you may want to take your photos at.  Maybe somewhere the two of you met?  Does this location require a permit?  These are things to consider.  We also have a list of locations that we use to help you determine a location if you’re unsure about where to go.

Maternity Sessions:

  • We usually suggest that you bring one, if not as many of these items as you have:  White/black tank top, white/black bandeau, fitted tee/dress/flowy skirt, and maybe even a personal item that is for the baby (shoes, a keepsake, etc.).

  • Gowns, wraps/sheers and maternity sashes are available in the studio for your use.

  • It is suggested that nails should be painted or left bare completely for maternity sessions.  In close-ups, hands are seen very well, so it is important to consider this.

Newborn Sessions:

  • We have wearable props on-site for both boys and girls.  In our portfolio, all items a baby is posed in or on is ours (baskets/blankets, etc.).  If there is a certain prop you are looking for, just ask, we may have it.  You are always welcome to use any outfits you own that you may want the baby to wear during their shoot.

  • If you are considering family photos, we suggest simple colors/outfits as to bring focus to the baby.  If you are preparing to do a shot with wedding rings, etc., don’t forget about those!

  • Newborn sessions last up to 3 hours, so we suggest that you bring extra bottles, diapers and a pacifier if they use one.

Family Sessions:

  • Family sessions require a good bit of outfit planning.  Whether you’re outside at a park, or on the beach, it is important to choose outfits that coordinate with other family members to tie your look together.  Color combinations like teal/coral, or blue/white, have a lot of color punch and add a fun look to your photos.  You can never go wrong with denim, or matching all the male members of the family, then all the female members of the family.  Accessorizing is a plus, accenting with bold jewelry, interesting hairpieces or cool shoes.

All Childrens’ Sessions:

  • All shoots include 3 outfit changes.  For First Birthday, you may, for example, do two outfits, then a cake smash session for your last look.  If you’re not sure which outfits you’d like to use, we can always help coordinate and help select backdrops at your session.