About Us

We are Jamielee Kircher and Jacqueline Passaro, and we are portrait and wedding photographers covering the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.  We are a married couple living in Philadelphia  and love our jobs.  We also both have backgrounds in Fine Art photography (and other cool hands-on art skills) from our education at University of the Arts (BFA 2007… yup, both of us!).

Our photographic styles are different, but it makes our wedding photography diverse and unique.  Jamie tends to dive into the more abstract/fine art aspects of wedding photography, and is also our main editor.  My (Jacquie) style is a little more practical, and I mainly shoot all of our studio/outdoor portrait work. You can find me hiding behind a cup of coffee (all the time) and watching home improvement shows (I’m obsessed with designing anything) when I’m not doing my job.  Jamie likes a good scary movie and anything sweet (just like she is) when she’s not behind her computer working on photos.

Our goal as a team is to provide the most client-friendly and creative experience that our customers can receive.  We like to work closely with our clients and get to know them, as well as provide beautiful imagery for years to come.