{Ashley & Ryan} A Beautiful Beat Street Station Wedding 11.7.14

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Ashley and Ryan’s wedding was set at Beat Street Station in Manayunk.  They were joined by family and close friends for an intimate ceremony and a night of dancing at their reception!   Beat Street Station is immediately next to the train station in Manayunk, so we took some really fun formals on the tracks right as the sun set!  This bride and groom have been together 15 years, and you could tell that they are completely comfortable around each other and are so in love!

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3 Replies to “{Ashley & Ryan} A Beautiful Beat Street Station Wedding 11.7.14”

  1. Barbara Ann Stott says:

    The most beautiful wedding that I have ever been to.. Thank you so much for making my daughter’s wedding pictures perfect. So beautiful!

  2. Barbara Ann Stott says:

    Beautiful couple inside and out. So proud of them.

  3. dackelphotography says:

    You’re so welcome! 🙂 Glad we could make great images for years to come!

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